Seasons change from hot to cold.

Leaves change color and then fall from the trees.

I often think that changes are often only happening outside of me around in our physical world.

I often wonder if change is happening fast enough or slow enough around me ?  Like I notice when time goes quickly usually when I am having a lot of fun.  Or how time moves or changes slowly when I am in in traffic.

I began my personal development process by reading  many books  describing the  ways we can change our lifestyles and our habits in ways that can shift our lives dramatically. I realized that the most important changes needed to happen on the inside  of me and I had to stop worrying about the outside world changing as I wished.

I made a daily practice of using affirmations, meditation and yoga to entrain my mind and my body to be centered which means not getting upset when “changes” occur or the unexpected happened.

I know this practice works for me because by changing my thoughts  I let go of the need to control others or circumstances around me.  I can “go with the flow”  instead of being upset.   I realize that in my daily experiences  I have a CHOICE of how I perceive things and people.  As a victim of circumstances or as a change maker.   Changes for positive outcomes.


“I can change my attitude to make positive decisions about my circumstances to learn to create the experiences that will bring me joy and fulfillment.”

Changes are inevitable in life. Fear of them keeps us stuck .  Choosing to create positive change within ourselves has powerful ripple effects within our communities and in the world.

AUTHOR: Michelle Barrial

Life transformation coach, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Vibrational sound healer, Yoga teacher and Wellness workshop facilitator,

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