Freedom from Emotional Blocks That Keep You Stuck.

Includes the following in your program:

Intro. Quick Start call 40 minutes

3 sessions per month   Live or Virtual for 6 months.

Duration of Session 30 minutes.

Unlimited email support and texts.

Welcome gift : a guided meditation CD and aromatherapy diffuser.

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Anxiety Free, Relaxed and Confident program

You are manifesting your desires!
Includes the following in your program:
Intro Quick Start call 50 minutes
2 sessions per month Live or Virtual for 12 months.
Duration of session 40 minutes.
Unlimited email support and texts.
Welcome gift: my book “7 Elements of total health” as a ebook or a paperback.

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It’s time to move forward and uncover the emotional block holding you back and live your dreams in all areas of your life: career, relationships and health. I have your back and will support you through this journey. Together we shift your reality to achieve this transformation with ease.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions can help you to reach your goals. You may wonder “ If only I can…”

“Things would be better if…”

Change:  my location, job, relationship, lose weight.

You may want to make changes but you don’t know how or where to begin.

As a life transformation coach, I assist people with making the changes they desire with confidence and ease. Just like a butterfly that goes through different stages of transformation from a caterpillar to becoming a butterfly so do we many times in our lives.  However, we have the choice to struggle making decisions alone or to seek professional help.

I offer personal one on one coaching sessions packages in person or by Sykpe or Facetime (at the online store).

I offer an introductory session to answer any questions you may have and give you peace of mind with your decision to make the changes you desire in your life.  Please use the scheduler to set an appointment.

I am looking forward to helping you make positive decisions together let’s make it happen!

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