Vibrational Energy Healing



“Doctors are beginning to conceptualize human beings as more than just bodies of flesh and bones. They are beginning to understand that we possess unique energy systems that help to maintain health.” – Richard Gerber, M.D. from his book titled “Vibrational Medicine” When I use vibrational energy on a client, I am able to intuitively sense the root cause of an illness with a client. When I use this method it dissolves any blocks in the bio-energy field. This clearing brings balance back into the bio-energy field.



I like to make the analogy between our bio-energy system and traffic on a “freeway”. Illness happens when, like traffic, it is blocked by an obstacle and doesn’t flow as easily (i.e.: accident). It is the same with our energy system, physical pain, mental or emotional tension or trauma all create backups on our “freeway” of energy to flow freely throughout our bodies. This process of vibrational energy healing helps to create a return to a state of wellness because it works at the physical, emotional

and mental levels of the individual.



Various techniques and tools are used in vibrational energy for instance through the application of crystals which receive and transmit energy I use them around the body. Each one has unique properties that strengthens, cleanses or refines our bodies (the mental, emotional and physical aspects).

I play quartz crystal bowls with different octave ranges that are excellent tools that transmit the power of vibrational energy healing with sound. In addition to the benefit of hearing and feeling these beautiful soothing sounds the crystal energy is powerfully magnified to strengthen the bio-energy field.


Aromatherapy which is the usage of essential oils is yet another form of vibrational energy that I frequently apply in my practice with clients. The oils awaken the higher mind and allows for an easy transition into a profound state of relaxation for the healing to occur.


Each oil has specific properties for its usage and sometimes specific areas of application in certain energy centers (chakras) for cleansing and balancing.

Benefits From Vibrational Energy:

After the treatment is received, the body’s energy level is increased, pain is eliminated and balancing of mind, body and emotions is created.
  • Anxiety or tension is dissolved.
  • Increased Feelings of bliss and love
  • Negative thoughts are diminished
  • Pain is eliminated

Please see energy healing page to choose the type of session and for payment.

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