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Originally from Sanskrit, the meaning of the word Akasha is “primary substance from which all form was created”  so it can be referred to as Spirit, Light, Universal Consciousness etc.

Therefore, the reading unlike other readings does not align with a particular personality or entity or religion. The Akasha energy manifests itself as love, light, peace, joy, balance and power the domain of the higher spiritual aspects of the Self.

It is a reading that takes the client on a journey through the archives of their soul’s history throughout time. The energy of the Askasha is of a deep loving spiritual wisdom which teaches one in a direct and simple manner.

In the past, famous medium and channel, Edgar Cayce, accessed these records which he referred to as “The Book of Life”

to help others understand their life lessons and purpose here on Earth so they could make the necessary decisions in their individual lives.

It can take anywhere from 40 minutes to hour or more depending on the information that is being conveyed.

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